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Get ready for an amazing weekend filled with the best experts in Finance, Health and Wellness, Careers, Building a Business, Home Design, Fashion, Community Service, Travel and more. We’ve spent the last year searching the globe to bring you the very best Seminar Speakers designed to motivate and inspire you to live your best life.

Twenty/Twenty Beauty, Presented by Dr. Diane Hilal-Campo

Created by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Diane Hilal Campo, twenty/twenty is a collection of products designed to help enhance the natural beauty of your eyes while keeping them healthy using the safest, most beneficial ingredients.

What To Do When Romance Turns Into Regret, Presented by Author, Nancy Candea

Every woman has a story to tell. These stories can get stuck in our head and heart, keeping us from enjoying the present moment. How do we move forward with love and life?

Function Better, Feel Better with Functional Neurology Care, Presented by Kaplan Brain & Body.

Function Better, Feel Better with Unique, Customized Functional Neurology Care Catering to your Individual Needs.

Beauty Talk with Weekend Fetish, Presented by Tawala Brumfield

Engage with top influencers & makeup artists for a candid conversation that will discuss all things beauty along with the story behind why & how Tonita & Tawala launched a beauty and cosmetic brand for the every day woman.

“Diets are the Problem, you Deserve the Solution!," Presented by Lauren Dorman, Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Therapist

Begin shifting your mindset about diets, nutrition, weight, and health. How can you have a great relationship with food, body, and yourself? A self-care compassionate journey that will impact your emotional and physical health.

True Lessons, Presented by Lillian Hernandez

Life coaches guide, help restore, help heal, help motivate others to be their highest self. So you may be wondering, what is EMT? EMT is universally known as an Emergency Medical Technician. The world needs healing and it is an emergency, so why not empower others through life coaching? Everyone is here to serve their purpose and is majestical in their unique way. It takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to help people along their journey. As life coaches, we are here to ensure we support the world’s healing journey. We are the Empowered Majesty Team.

Digital Skills Learning with Rajeeyah Madinah

With our programs and downloads, our goal is to help entrepreneurs of ALL AGES across the globe learn how to optimize their businesses and skillset in a way that is beneficial to their future. Come and learn about how I can help you and your business.

Life Coach Counseling and Birth Doula Support, Presented by Meekah Reeves

Just have a baby? Feel like you need to find yourself again? Confused about your pregnancy emotions? Isolated, stuck, misunderstood or down? Need a breakthrough? Come and learn how I can help support you.

Break the Silence: Uterine Fibroid Disease, Presented by Dr. Yan Katsnelson

If you’ve ever noticed that your periods and menstrual cramps seem more severe than those of other women, uterine fibroids may be to blame. Women often develop fibroids during their reproductive years — with up to 80% affected by age 50.

Empowering Women Break The Silence, Stop The Violence Fashion and Politics, Presented by Naomi Johnson

Come and join us for the Noneillah Fashion Show, Where political interests and fashion trends are interweave to raise awareness of New Jersey pedestrian killing epidemic caused by NJ Transit and Coach USA bus drivers.

SPARKLE: The Power of Being, Presented by Krysta Theus

This seminar will provide guidance on how to maintain our SPARKLE throughout life’s adventures by focusing and aligning our ‘being’ to our goals.

Millionaire Mastery: How to Build a Million Dollar Brand, Presented by Dr. Tiana Von Johnson

Dr. Tiana Von generated over one million dollars her first year in business, at only 27-years-old. She is going to teach you how to build a million-dollar brand so everything YOU touch turns to gold!

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors, Presented by Joe Villegas

Discover how making tiny shifts in your approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management can have a profound impact on your health, longevity, and the overall quality of your life.